About Us

As a caring and humane society, we can not, and must not, stand by and wish that animal problems (i.e., neglect, cruelty, puppy mills, over population, dog fighting, etc) do not exist. As citizens, we must all take part in a joint effort to stamp out these problems. The Pulaski County Humane Society (dba Loving Paws Adoption Center) is desperately trying to make a difference, but our fight cannot be won without the support of you, our county citizens. Your commitment will make it possible for us to one day put an end to the puppy mills, the cruelty and neglect, the over population and the dog fighting. You, the citizens of Pulaski County, are the reason we continue to fight for a more humane future for the animals.

We hear the pleas from the citizens who do not live within a municipality begging for a place to take dumped and unwanted animals, as well as, wanting someone with authority who will deal with and respond to animal complaints.

Our fight is not over and our work is not done. Won’t you please support our efforts toward a county shelter, as well as a better life, for the animals of Pulaski County? Even a small gift makes a huge difference to an animal in need.

The basis of all animal rights should be The Golden Rule:
We should treat them as we would wish them to treat us,
were any other species in our dominant position. -Christine Stevens