Volunteers are needed for all aspects of shelter operations.

We need people to walk dogs, feed and water, clean the shelter, care for cats, basic building maintenance, outdoor trail work and much, much more! Sometimes the animals just like to be brushed and petted, too! Everyone can contribute in different ways.
We also need people who would be interested in helping with fundraisers and special events. Volunteer opportunities for large groups and group projects are available as well.

Please get in touch with the Adoption Center and see what areas are needing help the most. 573-736-2088, lovingpawsadoptioncenter@gmail.com or find us on Facebook!

Volunteer Application form

Would you like to open your home to foster an animal in need?

Foster homes are essential to Loving Paws Adoption Center. We need people to take animals into their homes to foster for various reasons. At any given time, we may need foster homes for:
– Animals recovering from medical conditions, or starvation, that just need some time in a loving home to recover.
– Animals which are pregnant or nursing.
– An animal may have a minor behavior problem with which a foster family can train and work with for them to become adoptable.
– Animals needing extra socialization.
– We might simply not have enough space at the shelter and need a short-term housing alternative until room becomes available.

For more information regarding fostering please see our Becoming a foster parent guide and foster application and or contact us for more details.

If you are unable to volunteer or foster, please consider donating. Donations are much appreciated, and may include litter, food, bleach, paper towels, treats, toys or any item noted on our wish list etc.
Monetary donations are always welcome and are tax deductible.